CPE History

Employment Law Update - August 16, 2018

New Payroll Processing Options for Clients

Dave Olsen - Northstar Payroll

Federal Employment Law Issues

Elizabeth Sigler - Stanton Law, LLC

Georgia Department of Labor Law Update

Allegra Lawrence-Hardy - Lawrence & Bundy, LLC

Executive Compensation, Retirement Plans, & ERISA Guidelines

Nwa’ndo Ume-Nwagbo - Smithers + Ume-Nwagbo, LLC

Drug Free Workplace Requirements

Brian Prusick – Fastest Labs of Atlanta

Employment Best Practices for Small Businesses

Raquel Crump - McFadden Davis, LLC

PractiCe management - June 15, 2018

Hiring Qualified Part-Time and Seasonal Employees

Rebecca Brizi

Ethics in Today’s Practice

Bill Nemeth, EA - Tax Audit Guardians

Cutting Edge IT Solutions for Small Practices

Jason Marler - First Aid Computer Services, Inc.

Paperless Office Techniques

Kim Chapman

Practice Management Software Applications & Online Resources

Debbie Griffiths, Dianne Moore, Ginny Davy

Federal Tax Update - November 16, 2017

Federal Tax Update
Presented by Roger Roemmich

Practice Management - October 26, 2017

Creating & Executing a Marketing Plan, Website Design, Social Media & Content Marketing 
Presented by Bonnie Buol Ruszczyk of BBR Marketing 

Risk Management Issues and Cyber Liability Trends..Strategies and Best Practices to Minimize Exposure
Presented by Suzanne M. Holl, CPA of Camico

Practice Management Concerns  
Presented by Sue Groszkiewicz of Accountable for Change

A&A Day - August 17, 2017

Compilation & Review Update
Presented by Chris Rouse, CPA

Disputed Business Valuations 
Presented by Leanne Gould, CPA, ASA, AVB/CFF

Data Analytics, Fraud Prevention Tips & Tricks for Professionals 
Presented by Pat Salem, CPA, CFE

Revenue Recognition
Presented by Floran Syler-Woods, CPA, PhD

Advanced Tax Topics - July 27, 2017

CP 2000 Notices and Additional Uses for IRS Account Transcripts
Presented by: Bill Nemeth, EA, MBA

Keeping Things Civil: How to Deal with & Respond to the IRS
Presented by: Brian Gardner, JD and Vivian Hoard, JD

When Civil turn Criminal: How to Recognize & What to Do
Presented by: Brian Gardner, JD and Vivian Hoard, JD

Like-Kind Exchanges
Presented by: Ron Raitz, CCIM

M&A Business Tax Planning
Presented by: Julian Fortuna, CPA, JD

International Tax - May 4, 2017

Sales and Local Taxes; Escheat Taxes
Presented by: Marc Grossman, CPA

Short Term Business Travelers
Presented by: Gary Johnson, CPA

Inpat/Expat Taxation
Presented by: Laurie Marson, CPA, CISA

Foreign Bank Account Reporting Issues
Presented by: Brittney Little, JD and Hunter Shelman, JD

What is VAT?
Presented by: Michael Campbell, CPA

Pass-Thru Entities - November 17, 2016

Compare and Contrast Partnership and S Corporation Exit Transactions
Presented by: Brett Beveridge, JD and Courtney Moore, JD

Round Table Discussion

Introduction to Robertson & Gable’s online approach to Entity Formation,Administration and Dissolution
Presented by: Lisa Gable, JD

Legal Issues and Pass through Entities (Partnerships, LLCs & S-Corporations)
Presented by: Leanne Gould, CPA, ASA, ABV/CFF

NonProfit Topics - October 27, 2016

Raising Money While Keeping It Legal!
Presented by: Robyn Miller, Esq.

Basics of Finding Grants & Introduction to the Foundation Center’s Resources

Presented by: Stephen Sherman

IRS Update & Considerations for the Not-for-Profit Client
Presented by:  Liccette Shumaker IRS Stakeholder Liaison

Understanding the “New Nonprofit Board” – Adding Value to Nonprofit Clients
Presented by: Glenda Hicks, CPA

Audit considerations for the Not-for-Profit Client

Presented by:  Gloria Lewis, CPA

A&A Topics - August 31, 2016

Compilation & Review Update
Presented by: Alan L. Grothe, CPA

Peer Review
Presented by: Alan L. Grothe, CPA

Save your Small Business clients by Catching Costly Accounting Errors
Presented by: Spiceda Davis, CPA

Earnings Management & Fraud - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Facilitated by: Dr. Deborah Turner, CPA, Ph.D.

"Real Life" Practice Management - July 21, 2016

Buy/Sell Agreements
Robert R. Joseph, JD with Hill, Kertscher & Wharton, LLP

Key Man Insurance & Other Risk Management Products
Michael A Baratta, CLU, ChFC, CAP

Winning New Clients and Selling Advisory Services
Chad Wright, Associations & Strategic Relationship Director, Sageworks

Introduction to Value Pricing
Alicyn McLeod, CPA

First Time Penalty Abatement & IRS Transcript Analysis
Bill Nemeth, EA

Business Valuations & Banking Matters - May 19, 2016

Current Trends in business consolidations and liquidations
Katie Goodman

Fixing the Credit Score
Matthew Johnson

Overview of Government Guaranteed Loan Products & Loan Structure Scenarios

Adrienne H. Sipe, Director, Government Guaranteed Lending, Synovus

Ways to Value Your Business & Business Valuation Case Study; Executive Bonus Plans - the Basics and More; How to Add Value to Your Business Owner Clients by Applying these Techniques Mass Mutual Advanced Planning Richard C. Martin, JD, LLM, CFBS, CFP®, CLU, ChFC, MBA, Director, Estate & Business Planning and Rakesh Bhardwaj, MBA, 2nd Vice President, Advanced Sales Concepts Support AND Jim Winskie & Mike Woods of Capstone Financial (A Mass Mutual Financial Group Agency)

Federal Tax Topics - November 19, 2015

Update on Relevant Federal Tax Issues
Dr. Roger Roemmich, Chief Investment Officer ROKA Wealth Strategists

Small Business Matters - October 23, 2015

Real Estate in an IRA: The Potentials

Scott R. Maurer, JD. Advanta IRA

Startup Venture Finance:Selecting the Right Instrument and Financing Terms  
Michael Horten, JD, Horten.CC, The New Corporate Counsel

Steps & Analysis of Buying & Selling a Business [M&A]
Melisa E. McMorries, JD, Taylor English Duma, LLP

The Battle for Your Small Business Accounting: QBO vs Xero

Spiceda Davis, CPA, eXFinancial, Inc. and Ray Hinton, R.L. Hinton, CPA P.C.

A&A Update - August 26, 2015

Lease Accounting
George Azih, LeaseQuery, LLC

Roundtable A&A Session on QuickBooks Desktop
Michelle Austell, CPA, Chaffin, Batdorf & Austell, LLC

Fraud Considerations - What Went Wrong & Red Flags
Laurie Dyke, CPA; Karen Fortune, CPA; and, Pat Salem, CPA - IAG Forensics & Valuations, LLC

Real Estate Topics - July 23, 2015

Real Estate Tax Considerations & Partnership Tax Matters

Mark Abrams, CPA/PFS CFP®, Dailey Dewley, CPA & Justin Gillette, CPA all of Smith & Howard

Conservation Easement Strategies

Ricky Novak, Esq., Strategic Capital Partners

Contract Considerations

Neal D. Dodell, Esq., Weissmann, Zucker, Euster, Morochnick, P.C.

Commercial Real Estate Leasing in the Atlanta Market

Bo Riddle

Georgia Tax Matters & Crowdfunding - May 07, 2015

Operational Tax 101: Sales, Use, and Other Forgotten Taxes

Timothy Howe, CPA, Smith & Howard

Insights into The Georgia Tax Tribunal

Charles R. Beaudrot, Jr, JD., Morris, Manning & Martin, LLP
[Inaugural Judge of the Georgia Tax Tribunal]

The Dynamics of Crowdfunding

Gene G. Wright, Northstar Consulting LLC

More Past Events

November 7, 2014 – Federal Tax Day

Section 1031: Like-Kind Exchanges
Ron Raitz, President & Founder, Atlanta Deferred Exchange, Inc.

Tax Resolution Matters
Brian Gardner, Esq, Asbury Law Firm

2014/2015 Income Tax Planning Matters
Galina D. Courson, CPA/PFS, CFP, Principal, Financial Discovery Group, Inc.

Understanding the Basics of the Most Common Trusts and
The Top 10 Estate Facts that ALL CPAs Must Know
Loraine M. DiSalvo, Partner, Morgan & DiSalvo, P.C.

October 24, 2014 - Excel Training

David Ringstrom, CPA, Owner, Accounting Advisors, Inc.

September 10, 2014 - Behind the Scenes: Gathering of Angels

Tarby Bryant, Sweetwater Capital Corporation 

August 14, 2014 - A&A Update and Professional Ethics

Christopher Rouse, CPA, Windham Brannon, PC
Tudeth Morrow, CPA, MS, TuMorrow CPA 

July 24, 2014 - Planning Matters

The Fine Print of Annuities
Darrie Schlesinger and E. David Templeton, AXA Advisors, LLC

The Affordable Care Act, circa 2014
Allyn Hogue, CPA, Balanced Healthcare Solutions Inc

A Real Life Approach to Eldercare Planning: Considering the whole person: Elder Law. Finances. Lifestyle. Resources.

Nancy Bour, National Aging in Place Council; Linda Kuryloski, CFP, Edward Jones; Heather Durham Nadler, Esq, The Law Office of Heather D Nadler, LLC; Cindy Richards, Atria Buckhead; Laura C. Jalber, LCSW; and, Hospice 

June 19, 2014 - Practice & Career Development: Plan. Resolve. Thrive!

Business Disputes: They Happen. Now What? How to plan for, evaluate, and resolve business disputes.
Heather C. Wright, Attorney, The Wright Firm

Internet Security & Firewalls (Basic)
Neil Matchan, Director of IT Services, InterDev

Maximizing Workflow Productivity through Business Relationships: Effective communication with people that pay you AND the people that you pay!
Cindi Filier, President, Innovative Outsourcing & Brandy Swanson, EVP, Sandler Training Atlanta - Simon, Inc.

Developing a Pro-Active Marketing Plan
Jack Scherer Founder and President of SALESTALENT  

November 21, 2013 - Behind the Scenses: CDC with ACA Update

Allyn Hogue, CPA, Balanced Healthcare Solutions Inc

November 1, 2013 - Federal Tax

International Tax Matters
Michael Campbell, CPA, Smith &Howard, PC

Tax Enforcement & Audit related Matters
Vivian D Hoard, Esq, Taylor English Duma LLP

Tax Planning for Couples making $200k-$300k annually
Galina Dimitrova Courson, CFP, CPA, PFS, Financial Discovery Group

August 23, 2013 - Advanced QuickBooks Training

Mary B. Riley, CPA

August 7, 2013 - A&A Update

Candice Nanney, CPA, Porter Keadle Moore, LLC
Christopher Rouse, CPA, Windham Brannon, PC 

July 25, 2013 -Planning Matters

Roger Roemmich, PhD, Roka Wealth Strategists

June 26, 2013 - Buy, Sell, Merger

The How to Guide on Grooming Your Practice for Top Dollar Returns.
Leon W. Faris, CPA, PAS-Professional Accounting Sales 

Legal Considerations & Other Practice Continuation Matters
Alexander Kahn, Esq, The Law Office of Alexander E. Kahn, LLC 

May 8, 2013 – Social Media

Maximizing the Internet to Market and Protect Your Practice
Renee Nix, President, Computer Solutions 911, Inc.

Business Etiquette in the Internet World
Stephanie Searcy, Regional Vice President, Robert Half International, Inc.‚Äč 

January 9, 2013 - IRS Invasion of Foreign Assets

Ben Tallman, EA 

November 28, 2012 - Tour of Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

Economic Update by Tom Cunningham, Senior Economist FRB 

October 24, 2012 - Federal Tax Update

Roger Roemmich, Chief Investment Officer, ROKA Wealth Strategists

September 19, 2012 - Collaborating with a Financial Planner as a Value Add to your Client

Mike Perez, Douglas Roberts, CFP 

August 1, 2012 - Retirement Plans for Business Owners & NonQualified Plan Alternatives

Katrina Moody, QPA; Alexander Kahn, Esq & Linda Kuryloski, CFP 

July 11, 2012 - Estate Planning & Basic Fiduciary Income Tax Compliance

Borden Taylor. Esq. & Michael Gold, Esq, Ingwersen & Taylor LLP 

June 6, 2012 - Presentation by the IRS Insolvency Unit

Anne Pippen & Margaret Ward, IRS 

May 8, 2012 - Bring your own Laptop Excel Training

David Ringstrom, Accounting Advisors, Inc. 

May 2, 2012 - IRS Hot Topcis & Enforcement Initiatives

Hale Sheppard, Esq, Chamberlain, Hrdlicka, White, Williams & Aughtry 

April 19, 2012 - Behind the Scenes Tour - Maynard H Jackson Jr International Terminal

Roosevelt Council Jr, CFO, Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport 

January 26, 2012 - Scholarship Banquet - Preparing for 2012 in a Challenging Environment

Amy Knowles-Jones, Oxford Industries; Linda Kurylosky, CFP; Janet Young, CPA; Kimberly Schaeffer, CPA 

January 4, 2012 - Social Security Issues

Angie Rehkop, CFP & Alicia Saile, Social Security Administration 

December 7, 2011 - Ethics & Fraud in a Declining Economy Roundtable

Sherry Carasik, CPA 

November 3, 2011 - CNN Tour & Accounting for Broadcast Programs & GA Film/Video Production Credit

Cindy Pekrul, VP & Deputy Controller, Turner Broadcasting System Inc. 

November 2, 2011 – Federal Tax Update

Roger Roemmich, Chief Investment Officer, ROKA Wealth Strategists 

October 5, 2011 - A&A Update

Chris Rouse, Partner, Windham Brannon PC 

September 21, 2011 - Business Licenses in Georgia: Requirements, Costs, and Changes in Enforcement Policies

Business Licenses in Georgia
Rosa Hutchins, Muncipal Revenue Collections Supervisor, City of Atlanta

Special Welcome
Douglas MacGinnitie, Commissioner Georgia Department of Revenue

Sales and Use Tax: Streamlined Sales Tax and New DOR Policies
Gail McNeely, Manager of Sales & Use Tax Audits, GA Department of Revenue

Georgia Filing and Paying Sales Tax Online
Gary Brideau, Suprevisor for Electronic Resources
Rosemary Freeman, Business Analyst, GA DOR

Sales Tax Audit Process, Preparation, and Current Issues
Marteen Bryant, Ernst & Young

Prosecuting Delinquent Sales Tax Cases
Greg Lohmeier, Assistant Attorney General, State of GA 

August 18, 2011 - Night at the Braves: Professional Sports Accounting

Chip Moore, CFO, & Kimberly Childress, Controller, Atlanta Braves 

August 10, 2011

Obtaining Bank Financing
Anneli Taylor, Manager, Porter Keadle Moore, LLP

Protecting Electronic Data
Angie Graves, CPA

Current A&A Issues
Jennifer Birtz, Manager, Habit, Arogeti & Wynne LLP

Internal Auditing
Amy Knowles-Jones, Internal Audit Manager, Oxford Industries 

July 13, 2011 - Five Solutions to IRS Problems

Janet Young, CPA 

June 1, 2011 – Bankruptcy

Shelley Elder, Attorney, The Elder Law Firm 

May 12, 2011 - Scholarship Awards Banquet

Survivor: CPA Tips for Not Getting Voted Off the Accounting Island
Allison Jacobs, School of Accounting Director of Student Services, Georgia State University 

May 4, 2011 - Estate Planning

Thomas Gould, Attorney, Caldwell & Watson LLP 

January 5, 2011 - ElderCare & Disability Law

Chris Brannon, Attorney, Duchon & Brannon LLC 

December 1, 2010 - Managing Challenging Clients & Setting Expectations

Michelle Austell Gloria Lewis & Brock McConnell 

November 12, 2010 - Where is the Glass Ceiling Today? Status of Women in the Accounting Profession

Navigating a Career in Accounting - Mentors/Advocates & Work/Life Integration
Mary Bennett, ML Bennett Consulting

Myths & Truths in the Accounting Profession
Nancy Frenkel, Kecia Williams-Smith, Jan Rose & Amy Knowles-Jones

Power of Networking for Women in the Accounting Professions
Denise Boyd, Partner, Grant Thornton LLP 

November 3, 2010 - Federal Tax Update & New Tax Laws

Roger Roemmich, Chief Investment Officer, ROKA Wealth Strategists 

October 28, 2010 - Behind the Scenes at the Woodruff Arts Center

Accounting Issues in Arts Organizations
Denis Pichanick, Vice President of Finance, Woodruff Arts Center 

October 6, 2010 - Ethics and Problems that Face CPAs and EAs

Sherry Carasik, CPA & Ben Tallman, EA, Tallman's Tax Service 

September 1, 2010 - Tax Breaks for Combat Soldiers & Military Families

Ben Tallman, EA, Tallman's Tax Service 

August 4, 2010

Banking Industry Update
Anneli Taylor, Manager, Porter Keadle Moore, LLP

Case Studies in Audit & Accounting Failures: How do These Things Keep Happening?
Debby Turner, PhD, CPA, Georgia Institute of Technology

Health Care Update, HIRE Act & Newest Legislative Regulations
Ellen Springer-Sanders 

July 22, 2010 - Creating Referrals for Your Business

Steve Beecham, President, Home Town Mortgage 

July 7, 2010 - Data Protection & Data Security

Sabastian High, CISA, MBA 

June 2, 2010 - Rebirth of the Roth

Martha O'Brien, CPA 

May 5, 2010 - Easing the Transition from Excel 2003 to 2007/2010

David Ringstrom, CPA, Accounting Advisors Inc. 

April 22, 2010 - Scholarship Banquet

Career Paths & Possibilities for CPAs
Linda Kuryloski, Dr. Johnnie Clark, Spiceda Davis, Tiffany Hoffine, Amy Knowles-Jones, Floran MacFarland 

January 28, 2010 - Role of Branding in Rainmaking

Linda Travis, President, The Brand Renovator 

January 6, 2010 - Asset Protection

James Kane, Attorney, Chamberlain, Hrdlicka, White, Williams & Martin 

December 2, 2009 – Working Most Efficiently

Georigia Departement of Labor
Felicia Smith, DOR Problem Resolution Specialist

Processing GA Tax Returns
Tim Shields, DOR Director of Processing Center

Federal Tax Law Changes
Licette Shumaker, IRS Stakeholder Liaison

Appeals Update
Debra Daigle, IRS Appeals

Taxpayer Advocacy
Rose Richardson Brown, IRS Taxpayer Advocacy Services

Collection Issues
Bob Lanham, EA, Retired IRS Territory Manager 

November 4, 2009 - Tax Update & Review of Special Topics

Roger Roemmich, Chief Investment Officer, ROKA Wealth Strategists 

October 22, 2009 - Does Being Ethical Pay in Your Business?

Betty Siegel, President Emeritus, Kennesaw State University 

October 7, 2009 - Engagement Letters, Billing Issues & Going Paperless

Susan Webber, Debbie Griffiths & Ben Tallman 

September 9, 2009 - Minimizing Tax Preparer Penalties & Related Issues

Ben Tallman, EA, Tallman's Tax Service 

August 5, 2009 - Maximizing Technology in Your Business

David Ringstrom, CPA, Accounting Advisors Inc. 

July 23, 2009 - Taking Care of Yourself During a Job Transition

Laura Biering 

July 1, 2009 - Ten Most Common Tax Research Questions

Don Schippa, President, Tax Research Services 

June 3, 2009 - New Form 990

Kenneth Syphoe 

May 6, 2009 - New Tax Laws

Roger Roemmich, Chief Investment Officer, ROKA Wealth Strategists 

April 23, 2009 - Managing Energy: the Key to Success

Debby Stone, InterVision Group 

January 22, 2009 - Women in the Workplace: Current State of Affairs

Mary Bennett, Crowe Horwath LLP 

January 2, 2009 - Avoiding Mistakes in IRS Audits & Appeals

Hale Sheppard, Attorney, Chamberlain, Hrdlicka, White, Williams & Martin 

December 3, 2008

Roger Roemmich, Chief Investment Officer, ROKA Wealth Strategists 

November 5, 2008 - QuickBooks A&A Day

 Mary Riley, CPA 

October 8, 2008 - S-Corporation Tax

Roger Roemmich, Chief Investment Officer, ROKA Wealth Strategists