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Apartment rented for business deductible?

Taxpayer and spouse lived in state A and had a second home in state B. Taxpayer is a sole shareholder in an S corp. Taxpayers sells home in resident state, A, and moves to state B. Taxpayer then rents an apartment in state A, based on a short term contract of work. The contract the taxpayer is working under has always been short term, but has been renewed for years.

In the interim taxpayers spouse loses job, the reason for selling main home in state A, to reduce costs. Spouse then becomes an employee of the s corp after securing a contract with a different company in state A, location of the apartment.

Tax questions:

Is the rent on the apartment deductible when first rented based on taxpayers contract?
If yes, once it is known taxpayers contract will extend longer than a year and rent no longer deductible, does the spouses contract with the new company allow the rent to be further deductible?

If no, does spouses contract allow rent to be deductible assuming contract short term?

Feel free to ask questions for further clarification.

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