Member Testimonials

"Upon starting my own practice I missed out on the professional camaraderie I was accustomed to working for larger firms. AWSCPA of Georgia has been a technical and professional resource for me as a new entrepreneur." - Alicyn McLeod

"I wanted to join back in 1982 with Nancy Frenkel and Varley Simons were organizing the affiliate but I was not eligible. I joined as soon as allowed in 1984. I enjoy membership and the wealth of being a member." - Joyce Heitner

"I got involved with AWSCPA of Georgia in 1990 when I was new to Atlanta….The friendships I made have lasted more than two decades. In addition I've developed leadership skills in a safe environment and earned many hours of high quality, inexpensive, fun continuing professional education. The friendships I've developed are priceless!" - Debbie Griffiths

"I joined AWSCPA in 1982 because that was what new CPAs do. What I ended up with was an amazing group of friends, colleagues, and women who share my passions and are always ready to help in any way." – Kim Schaeffer

"I found AWSCPA in 1995 after I moved to Georgia since I was new in town… That was 18 years ago. I have continued to be involved and have grown both professionally and personally since then. The opportunities to serve, learn and grow are priceless." - Michelle Austell

"I re-found this group after a job transition and I needed a support group/networking group/friendship. Dianne's outreach, Debbie asked me to help with around town. Trying to get me out of my comfort zone. - Linda Raschke

"The camaraderie of women in this group challenges the norm and status quo." – Rebecca Wells

"Becoming a CPA at 30 was a big career change for me and I instantly felt behind not just in experience but also networking. Learning about AWSCPA from friend and member Michelle Austell and hearing great things, I immediately became interested in what the group could offer. Having the support, knowledge and friendship of fellow women CPAs has really made me feel part of the profession quicker than had I been going it alone!" - Georgia Kidd

"I found AWSCPA when I was in search of an informal advisory board in hopes of finding some like-minded women to share ideas and work through practice management and technical issues with. I found so much more! Not only did I find a supportive organization filled with smart, collaborative, fun and supportive women; I've had the opportunity to get to know and be inspired by women who literally blazed the trail for us...inspiring me to be more and to do more to blaze the trails for the next generation of women! I've gained technical expertise from the professional programs, practical solutions to technical and client matters but more than all that I've gained a great group of supportive women to celebrate and commiserate with." Gloria Lewis